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Everything that has ever been created or invented from the beginning of time has been visualised, imagined, and conceived in somebody’s mind first, before taking form in outward reality, into matter.   Everything begins in the mind and our thoughts become things – our ideas and mental images are manifested into objects, buildings, roads, electricity etc.

Imagination is something we are all born with, and imagination is not only visual but includes all our other senses.  For visualisation to work effectively you need to imagine feelings and emotions as well as pictures or images.  To those people who claim that they cannot visualise in mental images, I would say that visualisation is not only about seeing, and  it’s most likely that one of their other senses is predominantly at work for them – how else would they know or recognise anything or anyone? How else do you recall persons, places objects from your memory if not by tapping into stored pieces of sensory information somewhere in your mind?

You can use visualisation to change your life in many different ways e.g. to improve health, increase confidence, improve relationships etc. The subconscious mind cannot recognise the difference between what is imagined and what is real, so anything that is felt, smelt, tasted, heard or visualised in the imagination is taken to be a real experience. In terms of getting your desired outcome visualisation acts as a powerful tool.  By spending 10 minutes a day to visualise your end result  and  acting “as if” it’s already been accomplished in your mind’s eye, you’ll begin to reprogram your subconscious mind by installing new beliefs.  By visualising a desired outcome several times and magnifying the emotions attached to it, you will give life to your imagination and your senses.  This in turn creates new neural pathways, which means that every time you think of your intention you will remember your outcome as if it were already in the here and now – creatively driving your imagination to look for ways to fulfil your desires.