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Counselling & Psychotherapy

Counselling offers you a safe, private space to talk about your issues or difficulties in complete confidence, without being judged, allowing you to explore your life, relationships and emotions in a way that is not possible with friends and family.

Counselling helps you:

  • Gain a deeper understanding of yourself, your relationships and current situation
  • Identify and review the patterns and triggers for your habitual thoughts, emotions and behaviors
  • Connect to, express and release your emotions safely
  • Identify and reconnect to your true self, your unique qualities, strengths and resources
  • Explore your choices and options
  • Change your limiting beliefs and conditioned responses so that you can respond from an empowered position
  • Let go of negative thoughts and emotions so that you can move forward in your life.
Counselling & Psychotherapy

Whilst counselling can be short or long term work, Psychotherapy is a longer term work. It is generally an explorative process whereby the root cause of your thoughts and feelings are explored with a view to bringing awareness, understanding and insight. Through our work together you gain deeper understanding of yourself and your past experiences. Feelings, thoughts, wishes, memories and dreams can be explored within the safety of our therapeutic relationship. The aim of therapy is to help you develop a greater degree of self- awareness which then enables you to respond differently to people and circumstances in their life.

How can we work together?

I offer an Initial Assessment as an opportunity to meet before you commit to therapy. This also gives us an opportunity to discuss your current difficulties, goals for therapy and see whether we are the best fit for each other.


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