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Eliminating  Limiting Beliefs About Yourself & Your Life

“Do not confuse the conditions in your life with the truth about you.  Conditions may be influential, but they are not immutable. Conditions can and do change! Circumstances may have an effect, but they are not the deciding factors in your life.  Do not allow what is going on around you to determine what comes through you.  Don not allow yourself to believe that what happens to you can in any way alter the truth about you.

You are not what happens to you.  You are how you handle what happens. You are not what is going on around you.  You are how you go through all the things going on around you.  You are not bound to or stopped by any condition or circumstance that may confront you.  You are the boundless, unlimited, unstoppable power and energy of who you believe you are.  Beyond that, nothing really matters unless you let it.

Until today, you may have believed that environment, conditions, circumstances or situations could alter, determine or change your identity.  Just for today, examine what you believe about where you are in your life to see if what you believe is in fact coming true.”

by Iyanla Vanzant